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Know About Legacy Builders

Legacy Builders is a consultancy firm focused on helping top Lebanese and Arab expats have the best financial advisory services.

The company is founded by Naji A. Haddad, a senior financial advisor with 16 years’ experience in the field.


To provide financial security advisory services for ambitious people and offer them peace of mind...


To become one of the best financial advisors in Lebanon and the Gulf region and to serve...


◉ Objectivity ◉ Passion ◉ Achievement

Our Services


Life insurance, Disability insurance

Saving Plans

Retirement planning, Education planning, Other long term savings


Business insurance, Key men insurance, Medical insurance


Yearly package, Corporate deals, Business success planning, Key people retention and inheritance taxes advisory

MDRT | Million Dollar Round Table

Naji Haddad is the Country Chair of the MDRT Lebanon, the Premier Association of Financial Professionals, an international network aiming to make best out of the industry, meeting regularly to produce policies, train agents, and set codes for the professionals to work by. 

Our Expert Team

At Legacy Builders, we employ dynamic individuals with a passion for their work. Our employees are devoted team players who bring positive energy, ideas and pride to what they achieve for their customers. A part of Legacy Builder's culture, is the competitive advantage and strive to create an environment allowing success to smart, motivated and result-driven people.

In order to help you make better choices, Naji’s team meets with you in order to understand your lifestyle and priorities then prepares a financial study about your income and expenses, and finally comes up with the best financial structure for your life. In a nutshell, he offers you income replacement and wealth protection tailor made consultancies.

Naji Haddad
Financial Advisor
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UAE: +971 55 2629764

Sahar Chahine
Administrative Coordinator

Sarah Chahine
Account Executive

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